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I'm Andrii Prykhodko
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About me

I'm a student at Western University studying Electrical engineering with Artificial Inteligence systems. Currently, I am actively seeking an engineering internship for the summer 2024. I have also been involved in the WeBots robotics club as a Software lead and have participated as a mechanical engineer in WeMars. In my leisure time, I enjoy building and designing robots, programming, listening to music, self-improvement, working out, and trying new foods.

Relevant experience

Software lead

• Programmed motor controls for simulation
• Simulated motor movement in Webots software
• Custom environment and reward system
• Designed neural network based on motor and sensor outputs

Mechanical engineer

• Designed rover hubs, molds, Belly Pan
• Measured, cut, and worked with carbon fiber,
aluminum, acrylic sheets
• Assembled rover prototype

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My Projects


We aim to create an autonomous walking robot that will allow us to compete in the RoboCup tournament


Our project objective is a functional Mars rover for the Mars Rover Competition

Dosing Pump

The goal is to create a device that can accurately administer medication to patients.

Autonomous car

The objective is to develop a car that can drive within designated boundaries and autonomously park